The Benefits of Whole-Home Filtration

In 2013, Canadians drank, on average, an estimated 2.4 billion litres of bottled water. The motivations for drinking bottled water are often rooted in safety and health concerns – a majority of bottled water drinkers believing bottled options to be safer than tap water. From Toronto, where issues of lead contamination in water have circulated for years, to areas of Quebec and Saskatchewan, where environmental and seasonal factors can play a major role in the quality of the tap water, it’s not surprising Canadians have turned to bottled water to avoid dealing with some of the most common drinking water issues in homes and businesses.

The Hidden Costs of Bottled Drinking Water

As public awareness about poorer quality and possible contamination around water supplies in Canada has risen, so too has the interest in, and consumption of, bottled water, though this solution comes with a price. And it’s a rather large one when it comes to supplying a household with enough bottled water for drinking.

Monetary Costs

At roughly 140 cents per litre, ($5.60/ gallon), depending on where you live, bottled water easily costs more than gasoline. A large percentage of bottled water sales include individual, single-serve bottles, which makes the price closer to $8.00 per gallon. For comparison, tap water costs roughly tenths of cents per litre (again, on average, controlling for varying utility prices).

Environmental Costs

Only about 70% of plastic water bottles are recycled, and together they account for 1/5 of all space in landfills. They also take hundreds of years to decompose. Producing plastic water bottles is also incredibly inefficient – requiring nearly triple the amount of water contained in a bottle to produce the bottle itself. Factor in the greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing, shipping, and distributing them, and you have an even larger environmental issue on your hands.

While Culligan tries to minimize the environmental impact of its bottled water by offering trade-in and recycling programs for used bottles, there is no doubt that this solution is less efficient than filtered water straight from the tap.

Benefits of Bringing Back the Tap

If the numbers behind individual water bottle consumption seem surprising, you’re not alone. Because tap water costs a fraction of the price and leaves the environment a little better off for it, we wanted to provide our readers with some options when it comes to drinking clean, safe water from the tap instead of a plastic bottle.

Whole-Home Filtration

Culligan’s home water treatment systems, like our High Efficiency Whole House Water Filters and Municipal Water Conditioners, treat and soften water as it enters your house so you can enjoy fresher, better-tasting water at every tap and faucet. In addition to providing a single solution to your drinking water needs, whole-home filtration brings with it a variety of bonus benefits around the house:

  • Energy savings from water appliances – Dishwashers and washing machines, even coffee pots and humidifiers, run smoother and work more efficiently with softer, treated water, which translates into monthly savings for you every time that utility bill arrives.
  • A cleaner home, with less elbow grease – Softened water leaves behind less residue since hard water minerals are removed before they reach sinks, tubs, fixtures, and toilets. It also means dishes, glassware, and windows get a simple, spot-free shine in no time.
  • Softer skin and happier hair – Showering and shampooing with soft water removes fewer of your body’s natural moisturizers, leaving your hair more vibrant and skin feeling more hydrated.

Drinking Water Systems

Point-of-use drinking water systems make it easy to solve drinking water issues wherever you use it the most. Under-sink-mounted systems fit easily into your kitchen so you can access the safe, filtered water you want, without the hassle of buying and using single-serve bottles at home. The Clear Link Pro system even uses wireless technology to make the switch to drinking fresher tap water easier than ever.

Breaking the bottled water habit can be hard, but with drinking water systems to help make it easier, and save you money, it may be simpler and more beneficial than you thought.

Contact your Culligan Man today to learn more about the right whole-home filtration and drinking water system for your home. 

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If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price.

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